Monday, June 13, 2011

Matt Stone and Trey Parker's Tony Acceptance Speech

As I recall it, anyway:

MATT: Hey Trey!

TREY: Whats that Matt?

M: We’ve got a Tony Award!

T: Whats that for, Matt?

M: I don’t know Trey, but you better bend over!

T: Why’s that Matt?

M: because I’m going to f**k you in the ass with it!


T: Hold on Matt, don’t f**k me in the ass with that tony award just yet.

M: Why’s that, Trey?

T: Because I have to fart on Neil Patrick Harris’ dumb face, first!


M: Oh look Trey, it’s the lovely and talented Brooke Shields!

T: She’s got quite a potty mouth, Matt. Perhaps you should fart in it!


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