Sunday, May 23, 2010

NEB in Photos

This week, some photo documentation of the amazing new place I work. In this post I am focusing on the buildings of the campus. Next week, I'll have some pictures of the grounds. All the pictures I took can be found here.

This is the lab I work in.

Looks pretty normal, right? If I look the other way, though, this is the view from my desk.

Here is the break room, and the view from its window.

And this is the front entrance of NEB.

This is the Mansion, where our admin offices are.

It's called Mostly Hall, cause that's what it is on the inside.

This is the greenhouse, which is attached to the main building and visible from the cafeteria.

This is not a greenhouse.

It is in fact, the waste water treatment facility, which uses plants and magic to turn poop into water we can dump right on site.

This is the Gatehouse, where the gym and the massage therapist are.

And this is the Carriage House, where visiting students live.

Inside the main building, there is art EVERYWHERE.

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